ISO 14001 was first released in 1996 and revised in 2004 and is the world’s most recognized and used framework for environmental management systems. It is generic and applicable to any type of organizations, large or small, and within any business sector. ISO 14001 is based on the two concepts of continual improvement and regulatory compliance.

ISO14001 standard contains the cord elements for an effective environmental management system. It can be applied to both service and manufacturing sectors. The standard requires organizations to identify all environmental impacts and associated aspects. Furthermore to define environmental objectives and implement actions for improved performance to improve processes in prioritized areas with significant aspects. (Retrieved from

Environmental policy
-Everyone participates in environmental protection-
To fulfill the environment policy, Gordon has obtained ISO14001 certificate in 2006. We deeply believe that corporations assume responsibility for more than just themselves, their customers, employees, and sharTholders, as their work always has an influence on the environment. Based on our commitment to a healthier environment, Gordon Auto Body Parts has implemented the environmental programs as follows:
1. Build the first pollution-free electro-deposition (EDP) in Taiwan.
2. Develop a recycling system to deal with waste materials produced during manufacturing.
3. Build a waste water quality monitoring and treatment system.

To prevent any of impacts that could be caused by our productions, we hold the spirit of enterprise and focus on environmental improvement. We commit:
(1) To reducing all environmental impacts in the production.
(2) To attending to the continual improvement and prevention of pollution.
(3) To complying with the environmental laws and regulations.
(4) Regularly Implement environmental aspect evaluations and comply with the requirements from related departments.
(5) To Reviewing periodically and keep improving.
(6) That the management shall be documented and communicated to all workers in the organization also customers and suppliers.
(7) That the policy information is available to the public.

Environmental Objective
(1) Reduce the waste water consumption/exhaust
(2) Reduce the usage of organic solvent and make the lowest impacts to environment.
(3) Promote the classification of waste and the recycling.

Environmental target
(1) Reduce the ratio of waste water consumption/exhaust below 0.1stere/each piece.
(2) Reduce the usage ratio of organic solvent below the 0.01 gallon/each piece.
(3) Reduce the loading ratio of waste below the 25 kg/each person.

Environmental protection is an everlasting campaign. As a responsible global citizen, Gordon dedicates itself to environmental protection. We believe our future, and yours, will be better through our efforts.

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